inspiration #7 : Scruples.

(this is actually what my copy looks like.  rock on 1978.)

If we want to talk real inspiration, like the kind that causes one to put pencil to paper and write a book, for me it began with Judith Krantz’s Scruples.  This book is boss.  I discovered it tucked away on my mom’s bookshelf at the tender age of 13 and I never looked back.  I don’t think I fully understood how a blow job worked until I read the second chapter:

“He was recovering from his surprise, his cock beginning to twitch and grow.  She cupped his balls with her free hand, her middle finger stealthily sliding and pressing upward along the taut skin of his scrotum.  Now her lips and tongue were working together around the almost erect penis, which, though fairly short, was thick, as sturdily built as the rest of him.”

I mean, GOOD HEAVENS JUDITH.  And it goes on for like two more pages.  Fifty Shades has NOTHING on Scruples.  I started writing my first draft the next day.

Read this book.  It’s only $7.99 on Amazon!  You can probably even find it at the library.  And now Natalie Portman is producing it as a TV series…life is good.