inspiration #30 : Wendy Davis.

by s.m.

I made a deliberate decision to include abortion in Dodge and Burn (as arguably the central event of the book) because I feel that it’s something our society doesn’t talk about enough.  sure, we talk about “pro-choice” and “pro-life” but we don’t discuss the actual event.  statistically, you know someone who has had an abortion.  statistically, she probably hasn’t told you about it.

Wendy Davis

so along came Wendy Davis, a committed state legislator from Texas, who finally gave voice to hundreds of narratives from women who had experiences to share.  her filibuster started a dialogue, and honestly, that’s a true inspiration for me.  what I hope to do with Francesca’s abortion is start a conversation, because talking about books is fine and good but in a perfect world, we would also talk about our lives.

CNN would rather broadcast a segment on blueberry muffins than cover the testimony of hundreds of women speaking frankly about abortion. for that reason alone, I feel a responsibility to make this issue an integral part of my work.