inspiration #26 : another Lana.

by s.m.

“Million Dollar Man” by Lana del Rey.

I don’t particularly like watching Lana live; it’s a bit awkward.  she hasn’t quite mastered her stage presence, and honestly, the videos she produces are so creative I’d much rather watch them.  but since I’m apparently the only one who likes this song, the only video is this live one.  anyway.

as I mentioned earlier (here and here), I’ve already begun working on the second Francesca book.  if you’ve read any of the brief excerpts, you’ve likely realized that Selim (the man who causes Francesca to stray from Paolo) figures prominently in the second book.  Selim is Francesca’s Million Dollar Man.  like Lana says, he’s “dangerous, tainted, and flawed.”  one of the things I’m trying to explore in this book is why I, or Francesca, or any other woman would be so attracted–more attracted, really–to someone so obviously bad.  in my notes on Selim, I wrote “THE WORST BOYFRIEND EVER, WHICH IS WHY YOU LOVE HIM THE MOST.”  sigh.

it isn’t that hard, boy, to like you, or love you.

I’d follow you down, down, down,

you’re unbelievable.

if you’re going crazy, just grab me and take me.

I’d follow you down, down, down,

anywhere, anywhere.

one for the money, two for the show,

I love you honey

I’m ready, I’m ready to go.

how do you get that way?  I don’t know

you’re screwed up and brilliant

look like a million dollar man

so why is my heart broke?