vacation, part two : a day at the beach.

by s.m.

They had a paddleball set and were volleying back and forth in the sand.  Natalya sat up and watched them for a moment, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand.

“Boys,” she said, shaking her head dismissively and reclining again.

Francesca watched for a while longer.  Both men were in perfect physical shape.  Tomasi was a little taller than Paolo, and he liked to pretend to serve Federer-style, stretching out to his full height and smashing the ball.  He was slightly slimmer than Paolo, too; where Paolo’s body was muscled Tomasi’s was leaner.  He had tattoos–it seemed they all did–but his were tribal armbands and a fierce-looking gladiator on his back right shoulder.  She found her eyes drawn down to his swim trunks, and she studied them, too, or rather, what she imagined was beneath them.  Natalya was no fool, she was liberated and open with her sexuality.  They probably had a fantastic sex life.  He was probably hung like a stallion.  She felt her cheeks flushing just as Paolo noticed her watching and waved at her.  She waved back, then turned over and returned to her book.

A little while later, Paolo and Tomasi walked back to them, dripping wet from the ocean.

“We’re going to take a walk and bring back some lunch,” Paolo said, toweling off cursorily.

Francesca nodded.

“Anything special you want?” he asked.

“Nope, whatever you choose is fine for me,” she said.  “Thanks, babe.”

“I want something low-carb and high-protein, with no sodium added,” Natalya said.  Tomasi spanked her ass with the paddleball paddle.  “Ouch!” she yelled.  “You know I’m kidding.”

“Of course I know,” Tomasi said.  “You’re a beast.  You eat everything.  I just wanted to smack you,” he grinned.

Francesca felt herself flushing again, the heat rising up from her chest to her face.  She was glad Paolo was wearing his dark aviator sunglasses so her eyes wouldn’t have to meet his.