inspiration #13 : Belle de Jour.

by s.m.

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I’ve felt like I’ve been hitting a wall this week…I’ve written very little (damn social life) and all my goals for this book seem suddenly and incredibly daunting.  But I did spend a bit of time this week at the movies, and just going out to the theatre reminded me how much I love film.  On top of that, Barnes & Noble had a 50% off sale on all Criterion Collection titles, so it was the perfect opportunity to add to my collection.

Belle de Jour arrived just in time for me to spend this rainy Saturday with Catherine Deneuve.  To say this movie is an inspiration is probably an understatement–after all, I straight-up reference it when Francesca and Anna go shopping.  I bought my first pair of Viviers after watching this film, too.

But I think what has most impacted me, watching it this time around, with Francesca and Paolo in mind, is Deneuve’s character Severine’s  sense of fantasy and curiosity.  How being inhibited is exactly what causes her to be uninhibited.  I’m not sure why Francesca should be drawn to Selim when she already has a good relationship with Paolo–by all standards, a fine catch.  In the same way Severine, with her perfect, handsome, doctor husband goes to work afternoons in the brothel.  It isn’t boredom.  It’s something deeper–a sense of restlessness and danger, maybe, transgressiveness–living a life she had previously only imagined.

And it’s a beautiful movie with beautiful people.  In Paris!